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Preparations to make for winter

Although you may not want to think about winter just yet, it will be here before you know it. The steps you take to care for your lawn now will affects it health while it remains dormant through the cold weather season. It also impacts how well your lawn grows next spring. However, your lawn isn’t the only thing requiring your attention. Your trees, garden, and plants also need proper care in the fall.

Maintenance Chores to Prepare for the Changing Seasons

Autumn leaves might be beautiful, but they can wreak havoc on your lawn if they remain there all winter long. The moisture from the leaves can attract mold, fungus, and insects. This may lead to disease that spreads easily when the wind carries the leaves from one area of your lawn to another. Unattended leaf piles can also kill the grass beneath them, leaving you to deal with unsightly bald patches next spring. Some other fall maintenance tasks to consider include:

Tree trimming

Removing dead leaves and branches from your trees allows for better growth of its healthy components. It also makes your landscape look more uniform and attractive. We recommend trimming all types of trees with shears that allow you to cut through thick branches.

Garden tilling

Tilling helps to loosen the soil in your garden so it can receive the nutrients it needs like phosphorus, nitrogen, and compost materials. The ideal time to till your garden is in the spring before planting for the year and after the growing season to ensure it remains healthy throughout the winter. You need a cultivator or rototiller to complete the task.

Water grass and plants

Your grass and plants still need nourishment even though the temperatures are gradually getting cooler. They receive less sunlight, a natural growth element, with the days getting shorter. However, you should stop watering your lawn when the ground freezes as it won’t absorb anything. It’s also a good time to cover your plants or bring them inside if possible.

Clean the rain gutters

While you might not enjoy this task, it’s essential to prevent blockage of water that could freeze and cause damage to your home’s exterior. Be sure to remove leaves, branches, and other debris so your gutters can function as intended.

Fall is a beautiful, short season. Vir Terra Landscaping is here to tackle these chores for you so you can enjoy all that autumn has to offer with your loved ones.