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When your business needs a landscaper

As a business owner in North Central Pennsylvania, you need every advantage you can get when it comes to attracting new customers. Unfortunately, the opposite is likely to happen when a customer approaches your company’s physical location only to see a parking lot overrun with weeds or dying shrubbery. Making a good first impression on potential customers is essential, and Vir Terra Landscaping can help you do just that. From outdoor maintenance tasks to landscape planning and installation, we have you covered.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

When you maintain your outdoor space with meticulous detail, both current and prospective customers can assume that your company will take the same care with their needs. They already have a positive impression of your company before even walking through the front door. Here are some other benefits of commercial landscaping to consider:

  • Increase in market value: Making the investment in outdoor maintenance and landscaping services for your business pays off when you see an increase on your property value statement. It’s also an attractive feature and selling point if you decide to transfer ownership of your business at some point in the future.
  • Improves employee productivity: Working among natural elements tends to make people feel calmer, more focused, and more productive. Looking out the window to see neatly manicured flowers and trees or even catching a glimpse of them at lunchtime can lift the spirits of your employees. A happier mood means they offer better customer service, and happy customers are always good for business.
  • Shows concern for the environment: People are more environmentally conscious today than in any previous generation. Using native Pennsylvania plants and caring for them well in your outdoor space sends the message that you respect the natural environment.


Is Professional Landscaping the Right Choice for Your Business?

If most of the other businesses in the community appear to have a good outdoor maintenance plan or have installed landscaping features, it’s important that your business fits in with the overall look and feel. Likewise, your business can stand out if it’s one of the first to make this investment. When price and product are similar, professional landscaping can help you get an edge on the competition.

We encourage you to evaluate your outdoor space carefully, looking for such things as dead patches of grass, weeds, and unhealthy trees and shrubs. A member of the Vir Terra Landscaping staff would be happy to help you find the problem areas with the outdoor space of your business. From there, we will provide you with a list of recommendations and a cost estimate for our services. The appearance of your company’s outdoor space might seem like a small thing, but you might be surprised at what a big difference it can make.