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Your lawn needs your TLC this fall

Homeowners sometimes look forward to fall and winter because they don’t have to spend as much time maintaining their lawns. What many people don’t realize is the care they provide their lawn in the fall affects how well it grows the following spring. As we approach the autumn season, we at Vir Terra Landscaping recommend giving your lawn a bit of TLC.

Benefits of Seeding

According to Penn State Department of Agricultural Sciences, late summer or early fall is the ideal time to plant seeds for a new lawn. One reason for this is that the new seedlings don’t have to compete with weeds for nourishment. Another is that the newly planted grass will develop during the cool growing seasons of fall and spring before having to endure the stress of summer heat. The department recommends completing seeding by mid-October for the best results.

Applying Lawn Fertilizer in the Fall

Unfortunately, your lawn’s soil doesn’t provide adequate amounts of potassium, phosphorus, or nitrogen that it needs for healthy growth. You may need to complete a soil test before applying fertilizer with all three ingredients. Most lawns in Pennsylvania can benefit from application of a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer in the late summer or early fall. The manufacturer’s label will specify how much of the product to use in a single application.

Removing Thatch Build-Up

Thatch, which is made from dead leaves, partially decomposed grass blade stems, and other lawn debris, interferes with the healthy growth of your lawn. It prevents it from absorbing all the plant nutrients, water, air, and pesticides that it needs. Periodically removing thatch layers helps your lawn receive the full benefits of these materials.

It’s best to dethatch your lawn during cool weather or when the grass has retained some moisture. The thatch should also be at least one inch thick. You will need to buy or rent dethatching equipment to complete this task.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn with a core aerator removes soil plugs and creates several large pores. This enables it to freely receive lime, plant nutrients, and moisture. Another benefit of lawn aeration is that it prevents thatch build-up and the need to complete dethatching.

These are just four tasks we recommend for homeowners to complete this fall. We offer these and several other lawn maintenance services. Feel free to contact us for a quote if you don’t have the time, skills, or equipment to work on your lawn this fall.